Laboratory of Sociology of Education

Director: Yannis Pechtelidis (2016-)

The Sociology of Education Laboratory (86/20-4-2001) serves research needs in subjects related to the study of areas mainly in the Sociology of Education, but also in the Sociology of Childhood and Youth. The main concern of the laboratory is to conduct basic and applied research in the field of Sociology of Education, with special emphasis on Educational Commons, and Social Theory. The laboratory is located on the premises of the University of Thessaly in the city of Volos and belongs to the Pedagogical Department of Preschool Education.

The goals of the lab are:

Conducting research and providing society with empirically based scientific knowledge to understand and address key problems of the educational institution and social issues faced by teachers, parents, children and young people.

The organization of scientific lectures, seminars, conferences and workshops for the dissemination of its research results, as well as the training of students, teachers and people in general who deal professionally with children and young people.

The critical reflection of the current pedagogical practice and the search for alternative methods of education with reference to the principles of equality, freedom, autonomy, sharing, solidarity and the horizontal participation of children, young people and adults in social and educational becoming.

The cooperation between members and groups of the academic community as well as people who work and are employed in other public and private bodies such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), research centers, institutes, businesses etc. with the aims of implementing training programs, and raising education and community awareness.